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Welcome to the Oceanus Believers’ Sanctuary

Welcome to the Oceanus Believers’ Sanctuary
Category:Land for Sale
Region:Cape Town
Publish date:12 February 2016 10:04 pm
Contact Name: vivivan (1)
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Join us and get rich”
A place covered with blessings to humanity, the powers to heal numerous diseases, where broken hearts are mended and where the separated are re-united; a place where poverty is banished and wealth granted; a centre where worries are rested, jobs secured, promotions at work got, and curses turned into opportunities.

No one is born to be poor; you are going to get rich!
You must not be tortured by that disease, you will be healed!
Your family must never be split; it’s going to be reunited!
That job is yours and no one will take it from you!
You are going to be promoted; your salary is going to improve!
You are going to test a sweet life!
By the mighty powers of Oceanus, who works instantly and grants beyond limits.

Contact us on:
Tel: +27110390428

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