Why you should use classifieds to promote your Services/Products

Why use classifieds to promote your Services/Products

Online classified advertisements have become more and more popular over recent years, among both companies and private traders, but why should you think about classified advertisements when it comes to promoting your service/product?

What is a classified ad?

Classified ads are small text and image based advertisements used to promote/sell a product or service. Your classified ad can be as little as a phone number or a full description of your product. Classified ads originated in newspapers and magazines but are now around online. Online classified ads are usually longer in length than offline ads, because there is no pricing per word.

Why use Classified advertisements?

Online, classified advertisement has become one of the highest grossing forms of advertisement, as newspaper and magazines classified ads go the other way. Below are five reasons why classified advertisements should be used online:

Cost effective

For the amount of information you can get into a classified ad, and the amount of potential viewers classified ads are extremely cost effective. Very often you can get ad space for free, but on bigger websites (potentially viewed by millions) you can get invaluable advertisement for a product or service for next to nothing costs.

Potentially seen by Millions of customers

Unlike local/regional newspapers, magazines or even national newspapers, your advertisement can be seen by potential customers all over the world for the same price (or even cheaper) as a local/regional classified advertisement.

Photos and Text

In a classified advertisement, you can get your point over through text, and you can also show your product in the form of a picture. A picture tells a thousand words and this is also true in this circumstance. Having a picture breeds faith among your potential customers, you can say your product is of near new condition, but seeing it is another story.

Leave contact details

With a classified advertisement you can always leave your contact details. By doing this you will ensure that any potential customers can follow up their interest.

Short and to the point

Classified ads are always short and to the point, however, the reason why they are so popular is because they allow there to be follow up’s. This allows potential customers to get all the essential information quickly.

Classified ads have been around for years, but it has only been over the last 6 years that classified ads have come to prominence online. This is because of the reasons shown above and without a doubt they will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come, and this is as good of a reason as any as to why you should use them.

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