Questions and answers

1. Why doesn’t my ad appear on the site?

If your ads are considered by the team Africavenue as inappropriate they will be deleted without notice and will be therefore never visible by users.

Several reasons can cause the deleting of your Ads:

– Ads posted in the wrong category or area (we do not accept ads from outside Africa).

– Similar ads posted several times.

– Ads considered as spam / scam.

– Ads found irrelevant.

– Ads for illegal products / services  (drugs dealing, guns…)

– Ads displaying pornographic contents…

If you think there is an error, please contact the team through e-mail. Your ad could be recovered if there is evidence of error.

Africavenue pays great attention to the quality of ads published on the website and our credibility is our credo.

Thank you for your understanding.

2. How are the fraudulent ads detected ?

A moderator examines one by one each ad before publishing to make sure that they respect our charter. While publishing your listing, your IP address is automatically recorded by our system. This IP address allows to localize your computer and to know from which place you are connecting and to block automatically all your ads if necessary.

In addition to that, we rely on the community’s assistance a lot. Every Internet user do have the possibility to report a fraudulent ad that he may have detected on the site. Once the ad is reported, we take the measures and make a check up. If the fraud is turned out, the ad is immediately removed from the site.

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