How To Use Classified Ads on africavenue To Generate Better Traffic?

You must have read how social networking, Google Adwords, article submissions, and blogging can increase traffic to your website, but do you know that you could also use classified ads for this purpose? The true potential of classified ads for increasing traffic to a website has yet not been fully understood by most website owners.

Classified ads sites like this one are frequently indexed by search engines robots for fresh content. And when you post your advertisements with back links, your website also gets indexed, which improves the ranking of your website on search engines.

Here are some tips to get the best results through classified ads :

Find some good classified ads websites: Choosing the right website that attracts a large amount of relevant traffic is very important. But, remember that all websites do not offer the option of placing free ads; some even charge for it. Craiglist, Gumtree Classifieds,, and Ad are some good classified ads websites. If you target africa, is a good one (free classifieds available for Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South-africa, etc…).

Write an effective advertisement: Classified ads are short. You have to ensure that you convey your message effectively in a few words. The headline should be attention grabbing and should highlight the main benefit of your product or service. In the body of the advertisement, you should give the description of your product or website and at the end; you should include a “call to action” button. Always include keywords in your classified ads to attract the targeted traffic. If you are offering your products at exceptionally low prices, it is best to include the prices in your ads to further grab the attention of visitors. If the website allows you to add pictures or graphics, you should include good quality pictures that add some value to your advertisement. ( allow up to 4 pictures).

Use software to submit your ads to multiple websites: To submit your ads to various websites fast, you should use software that allows you to submit ads to multiple websites in one go. You can also do it manually if you have enough time.

Submit ads to multiple categories: Never submit your ads only in one category. The performance of classified ads improves significantly when they are submitted to multiple categories. For example, if your advertisement is related to football, you could add it to categories like sports, football, and hobbies.

Check the performance of your ads: It is not necessary that all your ads would yield effective results. Therefore, you should test the performance of all your ads and check how much traffic you are getting from each one of them. If some ads are not doing well, you should make appropriate changes to them or replace them with new ads. Testing ads would also help you to know which classified ads websites are working best for you.

Submit your ads regularly: You should submit your ads regularly. Do no run the same ad for more than a month at one time. Keep changing the ads. You could also rotate your ads. If this month an ad is running on Africavenue, you could run the same ad next month on another competitor site.

If you follow these tips, you are bound to attract good quality traffic to your website.

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