Africavenue is now on Facebook and Twitter…Follow us !!!

In response to current growing popularity of social networking, Africavenue has decided to fill this communication gap and launch its accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

It has always been a top priority to provide the worldwide audience with most current information on Africavenue Classifieds in a timely manner. Therefore our presence on the Internet has been extended beyond running the website, offering africans or anybody else interested in classifieds activities a direct access to the Africavenue official accounts on Facebook and Twitter. They will be updated regularly, complementing the Africavenue Blog, providing anybody an easy way to stay in touch with the team matters anytime, anywhere.

Both Facebook and Twitter will also serve as an excellent discussion forum for all current and former Africavenue fans making the African family more visible in the virtual network.

To follow us on Twitter go to:

Wish you become our Fan on Facebook, go to : or search for Africavenue from your Facebook account.

Both Facebook and Twitter share buttons were added to all our articles. Happy sharing! 🙂

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